this chronic daydream!

So basically here’s the plan…

Nothing grand… nothing new…

I just want to do it and have not regrets as i get older…

I’ll leave my job, maybe when things at work slowly settles into order or its nearing completion without any major conflicts. Yes, i am planning to quit without completing what i need to finish. Too bad right? But its still a plan, not final.

After that, i’d go. I’ll leave this place. Because i just want to go. It keeps on ringing in my head to go. and i just have to do it. I can’t just keep it all in my head. i need to move. I won’t be at ease if i wont do it. That’s what i think AND feel. Hmmm.

And when i go, i don’t want my parents or my boyfriend to learn that i’m leaving. I will let them know, of course, because they are very important to me. I’ll just let them know once i arrive at my first destination. A place where i’ll start to learn and immerse my self in that town’s everyday life. Uhm, I’ll just message my mom and bf to not worry about me and i’ll keep them posted. I’ll do that on purpose because i know that if i’d let them know beforehand they wont agree. hehe.

So, next thing is…. the place. Where will i go? I still don’t know. But i’m planning to hit the road. Just take a random bus and right there i’ll decide where to stop. That will be my first place.

What will i do there? Where will i get money to support my self? Hmmm. I’m thinking I’d do volunteer jobs at social service centers or churches. Since i’m a social worker, i could do that. I cant apply for a job position because it would mean i have to stay long term. and i wont be staying long in that place. So i’ll just volunteer there in exchange for a place to sleep or food. Hah! I hope there are. I’m also considering online jobs or freelance. Oh, I don’t know yet.

Taking public bus and local food is cheap so i wont be worrying too much of the travel and food expense. It’s the cheap place to stay that is difficult to find. I thought if i could stay at the bus terminals for sleep  i would. haha. that is not too bad. Well i’ll just be like a homeless person. I’ll be a nomad. yeah. that is what i want.

Things to prepare:

1) Self (spiritual, emotional, financial, psychological)

2) Save travel fund

3) Gadgets: Laptop, phone, internet, cam, power bank

4) Travel backpack

5) Comfy clothes and sandals

6) Necessary documents

I am planning to do this for a year. Is it too long? or short? to traverse through the country. From south to north. For a year. By land. Through public transport. Is it realistic? Or i am just fantasising? haha. All i know is that if i am making this into a reality, i’ll just fully rely on Yeshuah Hamashiach for the guidance and protection. That i may find what this journey has to mean. That i’ll be courageous. and that i can still go back home to my love ones safe, intact, learned and with no regrets.

PS. I’m more of a planner, not a doer. AND i want to change that. *Fingers-crossed*


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