Dreams, Regrets, etcetera…

I’m still here and my dream’s there
I’s still here and I already regret
I’m not yet there but I’m always in regret
Cuz I think my dream is not worth dreaming of

These people say the best choice is this…
          do the right and noble things…
          that is to die so others may live
Then the other people, perhaps the majority, say,
          chase that dream for yourself, your self, self, self

And my heart echoes, “For my self, self, self”
The noble cause, its appeal has been dimmed
With the clamor of the world suggesting self build

My spirit’s weary and now confused
Soul is torn between dying and living my self
I weighed them and thought deeply
I dug the depths of my desires, my principles, my faith, my being
I continually inquired “What do I really have to be?”
A question many have no idea for themselves
Caught in the crossroad along with the others
Much of undecided where to go

I weighed it and I’m still figuring it out
Is there a possibility I could pursue my dream without sacrificing nobility?
How will I know the answer?
(i ask though i somehow know what’s His answer)
How will I go on wondering without getting tired?
I wonder what will happen.
Oh, I wonder what will happen.
For now, let me close these heavy eyes.

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Need a stab to change?

Why do people has to first experience pain in order to realize and change? This has always been our situation. Seldom have I heard that someone skipped through this step of learning through life. Most of good stories in books and movies have this kind of plot. Well, maybe God has designed life that way since man has been very disobedient to His will. Undeniably, man has always followed his own trail, defying the rules that are imposed to him, wandering his own way. Man knows what would cause him harm. He knew that it is not good for him. But what can you expect from man? Man in nature is basically inclined to disobedience or sin since Adam and Eve defied God in the land of Eden. Most of the time we already know what is right and wrong but we tend to drift away from the good because we find the wrong doing so easy to do. We let ourselves drown from our own wrongdoings. So basically it is our fault most of the time.

But by God’s grace and great love, He gives us lots of opportunities to change. However, due to the hardness of our hearts we still continued on our own ways. God gives reminders first through our conscience. If we wont listen to the small voice inside us, God would use people to remind or warn us. But even after so many reminders we still wont listen, then undesirable circumstances may happen to us just to make us realize that we have to change. God didn’t do this to us, it is us that made it on ourselves.

Most of the time we don’t know this. Now that we know, hope that we can live in that knowledge.