Chiang Mai, Mae Sod, Bangkok, Thailand DIY Trip

DIY Chiang Mai, Mae Sod and Bangkok, Thailand Trip

I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand in my last year in college. It was an exciting experience for me since its my first time to travel overseas. We traveled with our professor who knew quite a lot of the place so we didn't had to worry so much about where to go or … Continue reading DIY Chiang Mai, Mae Sod and Bangkok, Thailand Trip

DIY Trip to Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines

1 Day DIY Trip to DAHICAN

Three sisters' DIY Trip on pubic transportation to Dahican, Mati

Trading a Dream into a Plan

For a third-world country citizen who grew up in a poor family, it almost seem impossible to live out a very expensive dream - that is to travel the world. Fear and skepticism consumes the mind of a common woman who dreams to travel the world either solo or with a companion. Finances, security, safety, … Continue reading Trading a Dream into a Plan

This Chronic Daydream

this chronic daydream!

So basically here's the plan... Nothing grand... nothing new... I just want to do it and have not regrets as i get older... I'll leave my job, maybe when things at work slowly settles into order or its nearing completion without any major conflicts. Yes, i am planning to quit without completing what i need … Continue reading this chronic daydream!

Dreams, Regrets, etcetera…

I’m still here and my dream’s there I’s still here and I already regret I’m not yet there but I’m always in regret Cuz I think my dream is not worth dreaming of These people say the best choice is this…           do the right and noble things…       … Continue reading Dreams, Regrets, etcetera…